Phil Foden

  • Do you guys think Foden is worth 100 futures @353 ?

  • @Nikitz71

    I wouldn't buy at that price; How much games time will he get? What chance PB/MB? Today he's got 390 MB points & has just been Pogba'd into 2nd with 1870.

    He may well be a great player now & into the future but until he gets regular starts he looks over priced but then again so do plenty young. talented English starlets.

  • For me it depends on your thoughts/strategy. I got on him at £1.37 with a view to long term holding. He doesn't start regularly now but as I'm not holding for MB or PB I'm happy to have a current profit of £2.55 per future at time of writing.
    My plan is to hold until he's an established first teamer at City or somewhere else and at that time assess whether to cash in and realise the profit or top up if he starts to compete for MB and PB.
    Basically, think about what your expecting from the trade and how long you plan to hold before spending.

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