IPO Preview - Tuesday 24th Sept - PSV Wonderkid!

  • I've been a bit quiet on the IPO preview stage recently, mainly due to the high starting prices and lack of potential in general.

    However when I saw Steven Bergwijn pop up at £1.20 I thought it must be worth a quick write up and extra research.

    So here's the low down in my opinion, if you first of all watch a few video's of this kids talent which is very crowd pleasing with end product.... THEN take Hirving Lozano at £3.10 and compare the 2 players statistically, SB being Dutch (advantageous over Mexican with Euro 2020 coming up), 3 years younger and ~80% more passes with a currently similar strike rate then you do start to think "sh*t what price is he going to peak at tomorrow"

    As with all Eredivisie players they need a big Xfer to fulfill their FI potential and PSV will do well to keep hold of either players. They could deliver in the CL against Inter who aren't playing very well even though they suckerpunched the mighty Spurs.

    Sticking with PSV, their central striker Luuk de Jong is also up but we all know the Dutch League is like a box of Chocolates - you just don't know what you're gonna get! For every Suarez and RVN there's a couple of Janssen and Kezman's to match and LdJ was worse than awful during his time on the Toon. So based on that and being 28 I wouldn't advise wading in on him at 80p.

    Their goalscoring midfielder Gaston Pereiro is much more interesting at £1, he's only 23 and is statistically incredible but will he the big move, that's yet to be seen and although he'll probably get bought by a few I don't expect him to race away.

    Of the rest Ridle Baku (Ridle being his nickname from his father after Karl-Heinz but not spelt the same which is a little bizarre) looks like he could have a very bright future bossing the midfield for Mainz who have started well this season. Only 20 and from limited data does appear to notch the odd goal. I can see why he's IPO'ing at 90p.

    There's Lyon new boy Pape Cheikh and seeing as he played okay when they beat City in the CL I suspect he'll see some pennies come his way but I don't see the appeal myself based on the data I could find.

    So all eyes on Mr Steven Bergwijn tomorrow then..... and if anyone watches the Dutch league and can offer a reason why he won't fly feel free to chirp up.

  • @Agatello said in IPO Preview - Tuesday 24th Sept - PSV Wonderkid!:

    a reason why he won't fly feel free to chirp up

    He'll be bought by the bots & available for a few weeks at a large premium as they sell down their stake - I guess 1.80-2.00; Anyone who can buy him manually @120 I'll send you the money myself!

  • I've been waiting for Steven bergwijn since I joined the index in January. He probably won't be worth it for me now. He'll be £2+ in 3scs 😩

  • I'm waiting patiently for Neal Maupay, he's playing for Brentford in championship but surely not for long, if Brentford can some how have a mega season and get to play offs or even EPL then he'll surely catch the big boys attention. Just realised that Brentford meet Arsenal in ELC tomorrow too, hopefully he'll catch some attention there.

  • @PaulR what is the predicted release time mate ?

  • @Andy-M Between 12 and 2pm. You'll never get him at opening price though 🙄

  • Note to self : Don't forget usual disclaimer.

  • @PaulR probably not but still worth a try, I'm wondering if you did get lucky enough to get him really early and he shoots up 80p, would you sell him and then re-buy when price settles ? Or just hold on to him ?

  • @Andy-M I'd probably hold him. He probably will hit £3 soon, if not today. In hoping nobody had a a clue about how good he is. Well.... As good as I think he is 😁

  • @PaulR I had same idea about Frenkie de Jong but now he's been playing CB and not particularly good either, his price has risen but I'm putting that down to the Bonus and Transfer speculation. This PSV youngster is very talented but obviously it needs more than you and I to get him to £3 🤣🤣

  • How does an IPO work? does he just get released at any time in that 2 hour period, and then they are sold at that price till eaten up, or does price go up till end of period, then u get to buy?

  • @G-France price gets battered up by bots. You need to keep refreshing your page and cross your fingers to get close to the ipo price. Good luck!

  • @PaulR 209p I'll give that a miss, already up 85p... absolute joke.

  • @Lukeroro

    Bots are so predictable; IPO - 120, start price - 190 so investors are taxed 70p/future by the bot owners - FI TAKE SOME ACTION NOW!

  • @Andy-M yip, totally pisses me off!

  • @PaulR grrrrrr, so u didn't touch him ??

  • I may. It's dangerous ploughing too much cash in on an IPO. I do think he'll get to £3, but that may take 12months which means that money is tied up.

  • @Lukeroro I hear your frustrations, I've always had my scepticism re ipos, it's been hit and miss for me, mostly miss. But today I managed to get on Baku at 90p, Pereiro at £1.09 and Bergwijn at £1.66

    Also at the London meet, the team also clarified that they do keep a close eye on any such activities. It's not in their interest to have bots on the platform.

  • @Sagenode Yes, but they didn't say they were doing anything about it, just watching. As it came up with the subject of IPO's and their possible relaxation of buying limits, I then posed the question that the bots can buy up more then, but no answer to that, they may have to think about that one.

  • @Sagenode said in IPO Preview - Tuesday 24th Sept - PSV Wonderkid!:

    Also at the London meet, the team also clarified that they do keep a close eye on any such activities. It's not in their interest to have bots on the platform.

    Why not? It's absolutely in their interest to generate turnover (2% every time) technically it doesn't matter who or what generates those transactions; so if we work on the assumption of a 1p rise per 100 futures, who was it bought the approx 7000 that were sold between 120 & 190? You clearly managed some but I find it impossible to believe they were all bought manually.

    It is a simple task to check the large holders & the speed at which they acquired their holding (as buys are all time stamped) & anyone who has suspicious activity should be warned firstly & if they persist banned with their portfolio liquidated at the IPO price for all holdings - one or two scapegoat examples would dissuade any other copy cats - Job sorted but FI clearly don't have the desire to protect they vast majority of their users & are happy to allow the exploitation to continue unchecked.

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