Declan Rice ??

  • Wow that's a big surprise, yes I hold him right now and do expect his price to rise, but seriously how the hell did he get from low 180's to 216p since yesterday.. I remember thinking yesterday that if he has a good game against Man United on the weekend then he should creep into top 200, but he seriously jumped the gun there (not complaining) now if they start banging on about him playing for England instead of Ireland then maybe just maybe some Dividends in next long triple media days... anybody else think this looks possible or am i just getting carried away?? It's not totally unlike me to have a vision 不不

  • Didn't realise that there was a post on Declan Rice from last night, but ill leave this post anyway .

  • His 2 brothers Basmati and Pilau will be next on the radar when they come through the ranks over the next 2 years.

    They are all currently living at their Naan's house

    boom tish....

  • @NewUser159184 hahaha that made me chuckle 不不

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