Top 6 or 7 Players on the Index

  • Just a quick thought, I have only been trading for a few weeks so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. If I have say 3-4k bankroll. Would you suggest in definitely spending a large proportion of that on say Messi/Neymar/Ronaldo/Mbappe etc as they are likely to keep increasing as the months go on and probbaly be nearer the £20 mark by the end of 2019? I know nothing is guaranteed but surely this is potential for guaranteed profit with no problems in selling when you want too?

  • @NewUser178706 Up to you really, but I wouldn't go to mad on Messi and Ronaldo. If you do go in with a exit in mind. I'm planning on winding down on my Messi and Ronaldo's over this season and next and putting the money some where I feel is a little less risky.

  • Would you just put this down to their age unlike Neymar/Mbappe etc?

  • @NewUser178706 Yes mainly mate. No question they will make you divenends all season. Only problems is there value is going to drop soon rather than later, it all comes down to timing your exit. I still hold a fair bit of both, but have been moving my big hitter money into Pogba, Hazard, Mbappe ect.

    I feel I could cost myself short term, but i'll protect myself later.

  • Sound strategy I now hold no Ronaldo as was worried 1 injury and price would collapse, hold just 50 Messi now as he is a little younger then have heaps of Pogba and Salah and am gradually increasing stakes in both K Mbabbe and O Dembele who are natural replacements for them both

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