Willian.. 284p..

  • Surely that's profit waiting to happen..?

  • The only thing against him is he is 30
    However if you watch most Chelsea games he tends to be involved in most of their attacks and a lot of the time he goes deep and develops a lot of their offensive plays & takes their corners etc
    I think he got >200 points at the weekend without scoring for example.
    I recall their being some transfer speculation surrounding him during the summer.

  • The only way he will go up is if he is linked to a move in Jan....but there seems to be a trend at the moment where traders are investing in players aged between 28-32....

  • Particularly with the possession football Sarri plays and the way he works defensively and floats between the winger and 10 role, I'm not surprised he gets high ratings.
    Whispers he was heading to Utd or Barca in the summer and I think Chelsea will have a run in Europe so he seems a good shout to get in early doors.

  • If he's playing EL and PL then he has plenty of PB opportunity. He has a bit of an MB run over the summer too - partly helped by the 1 name bonus

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