The Rise of Brozovic !!

  • Hey Guys

    I have just found this post from a thread 6 months ago !!

    "I’ve recently purchased Brozovic from Inter for 79p per future. Should get WC game time and been loosely linked to some PL clubs"

    He is playing today as well and has a good decent chance of getting a PB win, the above post is also good for any traders wanting to see an example of the benefits of long-term holding...



  • @AndyP32 just to be clear, this is not my post from 6 months ago :-(

  • It hasn't been as prosperous but there was also a post from 6 months ago in which a player bought Mason Mount at 67p and another player thought it may have been a poor choice. He's more than quadrupled since then. It's good for me to see as I'm still new to this.

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