What do you want?

  • Hi guys

    So just a quick survey. Where do you think the FI data community should be focusing atm. 4 options.

    1. More raw data feeds - eg. Pass completion etc
    2. More why? - why did player x price increase today? Last week?
    3. Player valuation - trying to identify when players are under/overpriced in current market
    4. More support - more help and guides on how to use data, analysis to your advantage on football index.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • @Noirx4 Hi mate, for me player valuation is a big one. I am relatively new to the platform and have a good ROI but I have missed the boat on players, still making money on them, but not maximizing returns by buying too late so being able to spot players where there is potential value compared to other players in a similar position/similar PB data will help me. Thanks

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