• People instant selling becuase he will be out for a month max and in that time there is a 10 day or so international break.

    Grade A how to loose your money.

    Anyone would think he has broken a leg.

    Rant over.

  • @NewUser60527 Just need to set your buy price and timing then happy days for you.

  • @NewUser60527 this is an opportunity to top up or invest in likely replacement - Ceballos.

  • @NewUser60527

    I agree with you, and argued the exact same point when KDB got injured.

    If you are amongst the first to instant sell at 5.20, then it's probably a shrewd move.

    I always look for the positive in a negative ... and with that in mind, Asensio will now be more likely to play the full 90 mins with Isco injured.

  • Making your money work is sometimes the best way to get the most growth. Sold Isco for a small profit, reinvest into people that could see short term Isco back with the hope of added profit. Doesn’t always work but in my experience if you are one step ahead you can benefit from making your money work rather than sitting on it for 4 weeks.

    Every situation is different of course

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