Is there a lowest price priority if you Sell to Market?

  • If for example, two users sell Pogba, and one sells 10p cheaper than the other, does that sell first, or do both have to wait their turn in the queue regardless of selling price? Thanks

  • That's a good quesion, and a newbie is one I would like clarity on too. I'm guessing that whatever sell price you set for your player, FI make the 'cream' on the sale(eg if buy price is 10.00, in addition to their 2% they would also make any profit on the sale price under 10.00), and would therefore prioritise selling at the lower price first?

  • If you sell to market then I believe you get the current buy price for the player at the time the sale goes through. You set a 'reserve price' which is the minimum you will accept for the player.

    If 2 people list Pogba then whoever listed him first is ahead of the other in the queue and theoretically, a person's Pogba futures should be removed from the queue if the sale price drops below the reserve price the person has set (although apparently this doesn't always work). The price a person sets doesn't mean they queue jump anyone else who has set a higher price.

  • Thanks for the answer, and this works if people are able to request to buy players at a reserve price which is lower than the current market buy price(otherwise all sales are at buy price less 1p, and any gap difference goes to FI in the same way as it surely does if you sell at the 'sell now' price?). So that leads me on to my next question - how do you set a reserve buy price for a player that is lower than the current 'buy now' price in the same way that you can increase the requested sale price to within 1p of the current buy price? Again, I am new to this so trying to get my head around the logistics?

  • in addition to my post above - eg advertised buy price 10.00 / sell price 9.50. How do I buy a future at say 9.75 so FI strike a deal with somebody who agrees to sell to me at this price(before the min 1p charge etc)

  • OK, reading back my posts seem a bit ambiguous, so apologies. So consider this. Buy Price £10.00 / Sell Price £9.50. If somebody quick sells at £9.50, can I set a buy price at no more than £9.51(or a bit higher)? If I can't do this, then surely FI make 50p profit per share for themselves, as they still offer the buy price to the next person at £10.00?

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