Selling at the right time

  • Been on FI for about six months getting frustrated about when to sell ? I'm doing ok but not making the most of my players example KDB ,AUBA, should I have sold last night and invested back in them today looking at the prices?

  • I don't have much experience. Been playing for about 6 weeks and I'm learning slowly. However, this drop with KDB seems a bit fake to me. I have a few futures and I'm keeping hold of him until the inevitable MB next month. He surged when he was featured in the papers then the bonus came along. I feel he will go back up then I may sell just around his first game back. With players like him, you can predict when he'll be in the papers and what attention the media will give him, therefore how likely it is for people to buy in him.

  • Good question. And the hardest thing to get right on FI I think. Hindsight is a bitch eh

    To ease the pain of selling the lot and getting it wrong my advice is to sell in chunks. Sell a bit to bank profit in case the price goes down. Don't sell the lot in case the price goes up

    Equal parts coping strategy and investment strategy :-)

  • Once I have identified a player I want to buy outside of the Pogba/Neymar/Salah/Ronaldo types I buy double the amount of futures I want to keep long term (I never set out to buy short term) and then sell the additional 50% of futures as the price rises and use this profit to move on to my next purchase.

  • Thanks for that advice seems a shrewd thing to do to buy double the amount and sell half off when the big rise comes something to think about next time

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