Buying one step ahead.

  • Was looking at Fridays games coming up, and with the lack of games who might go up in price and possibly win pb. First time I've jumped in the deep end and bought in Marc Roca who I'm thinking will go up a little from now until then. But when is best to sell. Not to bothered about pb. And is this a good strategy? I see people all the time saying they bought x amount of someone and then selling at x making a nice profit. Just trying to make my money work a bit better than just letting it sit there, which is what I have been doing. Any advice much appreciated.

  • @NewUser123670 said in Buying one step ahead.:

    Marc Roca

    What makes you think he will play well? Perhaps you would have been better waiting until you saw the result of him playing today before deciding? Is he guaranteed a start again?

    Nothing wrong with the strategy in general just high risk relying on a "one game wonder" to make profit; if you believe in the player medium/long term, so could continue to hold should he not rise after one game, then fair enough. Personally I buy with a longer time horizon then if they rise early all well & good but if not no problem.

    I bought Bertrand Traore last week & he won PB & star player the next day & rose 40p+ but more luck than judgement & I fancy him for the long term anyway but there's no right or wrong way to make money on FI.

  • Thanks. So many ways to play it. Sound advice.

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