Pogba's replacement at Man Utd

  • So, I missed out on the rise in Pogba and just can't bring myself to spend £13+for him. The next best thing....? Buy the player who will replace him!

    So, if he does leave Utd, who do you think may replace him? Guess it depends on if Mourinho stays, but a couple of thoughts.

    OK, different type of player but heavily linked this summer and would fit the profile. Looking good at Madrid though this season, but theres always the Neymar rumours and a number of other players who could outshine him.

    Again, different position, but would fit the star profile and also linked to Utd over the summer. Must only be a matter of time before he leaves Atletico.

    Has played for Mourinho before, and I can see it working. Although the Sanchez move may make Utd think twice?

    Christiano Ronaldo
    End his career where it all started (almost)

    Only a matter of time before he joins a bigger club, and why not Utd? Great talent, would love to see him in the PL.

  • Sergej Milinković-Savić, linked with Utd before. Lazio wanted £70 million.

  • Swop deal with Chelsea for Mason Mount

  • Ruben Neves would be my guess.

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市
    I think long term it will be Fred, but he doesn't have the same media status so for FI, short to mid term there's no interest in investing.

    I still think Jose will go first and Pogba has a few years in him.

    Whilst writing this, Rabiot came to mind. Free next summer and could have Pogba going to PSG.

  • Frenkie de jong maybe, although he appears to be playing in defence for Ajax now but he is a midfielder and Man U have been sniffing round him.

  • I still thinkPogba stays and Jose goes.

    The board are ad odds with him.

    Didn’t back him in the summer

    Wouldn’t sell Martial either.

    I would be looking at what players benefit without Jose, Martial/Rashford would be my guess.

  • I hold 12 x Pogba @ £13.54. Is it even worth it?

  • Jose to leave, Zidane to come in, Pogba and Sanchez then flourish.

  • @GamblingMan Sanchez is finished. International tournaments in 3 of the 4 last years and 500k a WEEK for someone who is lauded for work rate.. He's done.

    2 years time he's fat (Maradona-esque) and playing in the number 10 role in MLS.

  • @NewUser170016 well soon you'll have made 100p in price rise and probably some money on MB, so keep ofc

  • Apparently Man Utd are lining up a £150m transfer for Jack Wilshere.

    The club is desperate to waste more money on another flop and think that Wilshere will fit the mould perfectly.

  • @Lukeroro it’s Mourinho mate, sucks the life out of any creative player (Sanchez, Pogba, Martial, Hazard). As a neutral I hope he leaves soon. So bored of his negative football and constant drama. Pogba and Sanchez will flourish under their next manager (Zidane/Pochettino).

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