Luke Shaw dropped 16p

  • Pretty surprised that Luke Shaw has dropped 16p recently, ok they drew against wolves on Saturday which ain't great, but Shaw didn't really drop after that result.. then he didn't play yesterday in Cup game, but that's obviously a good sign, being rested for the League game that actually matters on FI 🤔 I'm sure he will rise again on game day but just don't understand the selling mentality here sometimes.

  • so many players have dropped in the last 24hrs, people have to get the money to put into Pogba from somewhere, thats what i think is going on

  • @B1992G yeah guess so, think it's a similar story with KDB and Hazard drops, think that's down to the Phil Foden surge added to what u said about Pogba, difficult to worry about Shaw when i have an equal amount of Pogba's i guess 😁

  • Jose said he was being rested. And he seems be first choice at Utd, only a matter of time til Danny Rose starts making high profile errors again and Shaw is in England's 11 and his price rockets.

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