1st Nov, think before buying !!!

  • Hey Guys,

    I think that this has been mentioned before on the Forum but buy wisely from 1st Nov onwards....there will be a lot of new players added and it will test our trading skills.

    Buy players based on form, not just because their price is low, more money can be lost than gained if you hope to steal a quick profit on new players....its just like when players get promoted but on a larger scale !!

  • Elaborate? Lots of statements, but I can't see your working out.

  • I think the logic in the OP is that if you buy based on price alone then its feasible you'll see the price drop from where its set.

    I guess that's the big unknown with penny stocks. In the normal investment, sales and purchases set the price. What if FI set a player at £1 and nobody fancies it thus no purchase and no sales. Will the price drop and drop?

    Personally, I think if you can buy a good player you'll make money even if its just through exchange growth.

  • I think it should also be 'think before selling'.
    If the mid-performing players plummet, there could be panic.

    Cool heads, as always, are needed.

  • So we're getting all players from the top 5 leagues added, right?

    What happens at the end of the season when a number of those teams get relegated? Assume the players will be null and void? And new players will be added from the promoted teams.

  • My understanding is that new players don't necessarily have to come from the top 5 leagues but they do to get PB. Celtic's Dembele is tradable atm for example

  • @ACBlue sorry could you explain penny stocks and what is happening 1st Nov cheers

  • @NewUser92779

    Penny stocks is essentially the introduction of additional players to the first team 200.

    My understanding is that you'll be able to purchase any player from the 'top 5 leagues' (England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany) as well as requesting additions - see separate thread started by @FI_Konrad. Players will be introduced slowly so process will take some time and FI will set the start price of players, which will be different from the 25p promotion players.

    The other aspect is that only the top 200 will be eligible for media buzz.

    A lot of the current volatility in prices is because of this and the unknown impacts its introduction will have.

    My opinion would be that any decent player bought now will make you money eventually - providing you avoid relegation and don't panic sell in a 'crash'.

    Finally, I'll caveat all of the above my saying this is my understanding of the impending changes and others might interpret differently.

    Hope that helps.

  • @ACBlue yeah thanks for this. Now surely then it's not sensible investing in lower league players as they will never earn in buzz. So no one will buy futures meaning share will not rise which then results in no profits? So is this a good thing?

  • @NewUser92779 Hey mate you got the jist of it, but you need to read the rules if you haven't already.

    First read this: http://www.footballerstockmarket.com/

    Then for the new double dividends this: https://trade.footballindex.co.uk/squadoptions/

  • @Sagenode thanks

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