Kylian Mbappe

  • What are people thoughts on what will happen to him over the next 3 years
    Is he likely to stay at PSG or move to Barca or Real Madrid, or maybe even the premier league.
    And based on whatever scenario plays out what affect will it have on his price .

    I believe he is the safest long term bet on the big hitters owing to his age , potential , the fact that although he is not currently a media whore he is still comfortably above the £10 range.

    Surely speculation will also increase the closer he gets to 18 months from the end of his current contract (Jun 22) so around 18 months time

  • He's my biggest long term hold, I totally agree in the fact he's the safest long term bet. Can only see him gradually increasing and if a big move does happen, then he should increase rapidly.

  • @JoshM Pretty safe to say if he moves it will be a step up, while PSG are now a "big club" out of all the money clubs, I would say they have the least prestige and general world wide admiration.

  • Being a Liverpool fan I'd love to see him playing for us and to be honest I think he'd be interested if we tried to get him. He would fit right in to a Klopp team. Would they pay over £200 million for him though, maybe.....

  • @Harmonica Not a Liverpool fan but the thought of him being in that team which at the moment is possibly the best in the world is mouth watering

  • I watched the Liverpool v PSG match and after noted Klopp gave Mbappe a hug and had a little private chat with him before a pat on the back... Moments later Klopp walked past Neymar and gave just a brisk handshake before walking on.... I know which one Klopp prefers...

    Mbappe would certainly suit the Liverpool style but I cannot see past Real Madrid or Barca on this one?

    Good for us holders though... He's long term well upwards of £10 so getting in at 10.78 now would still be good business (especially when comparing him £4 less than Pogba)

  • The other thing to consider in his favour is where will the investment go once people start cashing out of Ronaldo and Messi over the next couple of years?

  • @NewUser159184 very good point. Just re-invested some of my bonus in Mbappe, safest bet IMO.

  • @NewUser162554 Not only that but the guy is talented, he's never going to dip too much in form. Just need him at a Barca, Real, United, City, Liverpool type of club and he will just continue to rise. Even he stays at PSG, his rise may not be so steep but it will still be steady.

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