Celebs involved in FI

  • Such as guillem balague and John Motson
    what sort of portfolios do you think they have?

    and whether there could potentially be a conflict of interests in the case of Balague when he pushes a news item viw his twitter account or via his role as a pundit?

    does anyone know of any other famous people who have invested in this from the world of entertainment or sport?

  • @NewUser159184 I doubt they actually have portfolios, they just get paid to put their name to the product and give it some added credibility. Louis Tomlinson of One Direction fame tweeted something about FI, I think he has a portfolio but I've no idea who's in it.

  • The way media buzz is going I'm sure Mourinho and Pogba are going halves in an acccount and buying 1000's of Futures in Pogba 😂

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