Frenkie de jong?

  • I am holding 200 shares in frenkie de jong and has been very profitable especially after the 10% cash bonus. I just wanted to know all your thoughts on him and if he could reach higher prices (£6/£7) or if it's maybe worth selling him because he doesn't get much media or match bonuses.

  • He will be moving to a big club next year, Barca and Man U have been looking at him. Should you hold on to him, hell yeah. (to be honest we should all hold on to everyone at the mo the way the market is going).

  • He’s a long term hold for sure. Keep that gem right where you have him.

  • Buy more he’ll be KDB value within next 12-18 months with MB lined up pending a big transfer...

  • Massive talent, lots of clubs sniffing. Hold!

  • Yeah 100% hold! I have just topped up my futures in De Jong - i think we could see his next club announced in January as clubs will want to be at the front on the queue.

  • What is happening with frenkie de jong? why has his price dropped so much?

  • @NewUser158302 came out and said he's staying at Ajax and possibly for 2-3 years....

  • @NewUser158302

    I watched him against the Germans a few nights ago and he was a different class. Strolled through the game like a seasoned pro.

    Although he has said that he will possibly stay at Ajax for another 2/3 years, I still expect him to move to one of the big boys at the end of this season. He is too good for the Dutch league.

    An excellent footballer, but unfortunately, not that much of a star on FI scoring.

    His current price is already quite high, considering he only scored 1 goal last season, in 26 appearances. 0 goals this season from 6 appearances.

    I'm not saying his price won't rise. I am sayin that I don't see value in him for any PB/MB hunters.

  • Yeah, definite keeper.
    Versus the germans, I believe he completed the most passes before being sub.

    In terms of PB, he does do a number of things

    • Lots of passes

    • Dribbles from the back

    • Great long ball passer

    • Can tackle, has played in defence

    All in all he will have a consistence high PB average for a midfielder in the vein of KDB, Kroos,..However midfielders average PBs are quite close together unlike the Forwards (Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi....and the newest member Mbappe), so how much dividends he wins is probably not that much...unless FI changes the PB system.

    If Frenkie moves to a top club like Barcelona...then he will be mentioned in Ball D'Or...potential MB and off course he will be in the media until he does move.

    He is a long term fold for me unless his price approaches 5.00 - 5.50 if he moves to non Premier League. If he moves to PL and his price approaches KDB, then I will sell.

  • He will move soon for sure. Just google his name, City, Barca, Utd, Inter to name a few are prepared to pay big money for him. I hold a few and plan to hold on for as long as I can.

  • Hold... Loads of transfer speculation...
    He'll move soon

  • Buy more and more and then some more, obviously nobody can predict the future, but it seems like he's going places which normally means a rise in price.

  • same goes for his mate, Van De Beek too, and the Ligt fella.

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