Thursday 26th IPOs

  • What are everyones thoughts?
    Seem a few decent players in there but unlikely to get much/any MB/PB

  • Where do i find a list of the new IPOs, new to this sorry

  • @ChrisHopkins Go to the blog. General advice is to stay clear of them. When you see them come up if you're waiting and interested, check the graph price FIRST and you'll see they've already risen.If there is no graph, you can buy at the quoted price. The spread or selling price is 6% lower, and 2% commission on top. Instant Sale is also suspended for a while too. Now, do you really really want that player? :)

  • @Ollie ive been on here for nearly a month and doing ok with a 15% icrease, managed to jump in on KDB and sell off at a good price. and also jumped on declan rice at a good price too. i have heard of the whole pump and dump stuff but ive got y eye on a west ham youngster xande silva, waiting to see if they release him. do you think there is any rhyme of reason to who the new IPOs are or are they random?

  • @ChrisHopkins I think users put in requests for some of them.

  • My honest opinion is it's a joke, I've been waiting for my request for a certain Championship player with great potential to be released here... yet u can find 40 year old keepers from god damn Panama 🙄

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