She’s the ugly sister- and her names Beta

  • Hi guys. Just signed into this new beta site and frankly it’s pretty ugly. I haven’t tried too many of the new features, but jeez is it visually terrible. The font is alarmingly oversized, with info thrown randomly around the screen. Whilst the current app is a genuine pleasure to gaze at with professional styling and simple compact info- this beta site looks like a couple A level students put it together. Please tell me this isn’t going to be the new app?

  • @Valhalla write this to footballindex! They dont read your comment here i guess.....

  • yeah agreed - it's awful!

  • Don't know if I'm looking at it wrong, but my spreadsheet is all set up in the order I purchased players as in the current portfolio view. On the beta site it has filters for portfolio but looks like its done away with the original format? Am I correct and do therefore need to change my spreadsheet to suit? Any thoughts welcome thanks.

  • @Weedster You're right. I got used to were my player were. I can scroll right to them, but extra filters is better overall and we'll soon get used to it.

  • They know there's lots of white spaces, and they want your feedback on what best to put in them. or twitter

  • anyone got a link again to the Beta site??

  • thanks for that!!

    I liken the ugly sister thing to reality... we've all dated a girl who has a slightly ugly sister but that's not stopped us from wanting a piece of it!!!! ;-)

  • @dannypea true 😂 whilst the functionality seems to be better in some ways, it doesn’t look professionally laid out like the current format. Way to much blank spaces.

  • I quite like the look of the new layout but it is more basic and it looks a little more 'homemade' and less professional than the original version...

    The only thing I would like to see is easier access and better access to stats and graphs.. Whilst on the BETA site the graph is larger you still have to scroll down to find it? Other than that I have no real complaints... maybe take the hint on compressing the spacing but that's it for me.. I'm sure we'll get used to it before long!!

  • Have to say my biggest annoyance is de bruyne shown as kevin de, or vvd as virgil van or matthys de ligt as matthys de.really irritating to look at!

  • Worst thing for me is the side bars runs longer than the player list, you scroll down the player list and it runs out then you have a big blank box in the middle of your screen. The you have to keep going past the nothingness to find a small link to the forum in the foot.

  • We need to be able to see how many times in past year a player has won either PB or MB

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