IPO Preview - Thursday 27th Sept.

  • Just a quickie today cos I've been very busy.

    We see George McEachran come up in the first 10am slot, younger brother of Josh who looked like he had a promising career unfolding at Chelsea a few backs and didn't break through (wonder where we've seen that before hey!). George is good mates with Foden is that adds extra weight and if he was at City or Spurs you'd expect him to fly out of the blocks. The worrying part is Chelsea and their proven track record and messing youth around.

    Angelino and Baraschi don't appear to have the goal threat that I personally deem essential on FI.

    This afternoon's most interesting prospect is Wesley (Moraes). He's a singular named Brazilian which we know goes down well on the Index, he's had 4 big clubs sniffing around him and he's only 21. He's started the season well and he's in the limelight for at least another 5 CL games.

    His teammate Arnaut Danjuma is another youngster at Bruges and doesn't carry the same Xfer spec, nationality or form so I don't expect much from him but you never now.

    Ibrahima Sissoko is a 20 yr CDM who's established himself in the Strasbourg side who've had an inconsistent start to the season. Limited data would suggest he'd good for maybe 3 to 4 goals a season and his age is obviously a plus.

    John McgInn is an interesting one, I watched Villa the weekend before and one of my mates so he's a decent player that McGinn - roll on a week and he smashes a sublime volley which is usually noted amongst traders. The concern here is that he's not younger than 21 and I can't see any xfer speculation so his FI value is currently dependent on promotion with Villa which is 50/50.

    Disclaimer : If you do not know the best way to find and buy IPO's using legitimate means (yes it is possible as MANY traders have confirmed over the past 12 months) then please refrain from using this thread to voice your frustrations. I preview these IPO's to give traders a reasoned overview of new additions to the platform and who represents decent value at the given price as well as players who I feel are overpriced which may help people think twice about someone who might not be as great as they think for FI purposes.

  • @Agatello said in IPO Preview - Thursday 27th Sept.:

    If you do not know the best way to find and buy IPO's using legitimate means

    Any chance you're willing to share the secret??

    Your detailed & informed player input is very much appreciated by the way.

  • @NewUser159387 cheers buddy.

    To be honest it's not rocket science, I'm certainly not the only person who knows my method and I can't guarantee that it's the best way to do it either BUT I'm sure you can appreciate that many traders have honed their skills over a number or years not just months and helping people be as quick as them wouldn't be in their interest at all.

    Listening to the guys at FI it looks like they're keen to eliminate speed as an advantage in the near future anyway so I'll probably be able to preview the new players in peace :-)

  • @Agatello thanks for your efforts agatello, forum i hope gets a little tidy up so that we have dedicated ipo threads and for certain topics, too many pogba hazard threads right now.

    As for IPO i really hope they stop the bots etc

  • @Agatello re McGinn, he only joined in the summer, so no transfer speculation yet. However, he has been excellent so far this season. If he continues like that, then I could see a top club coming in for him in the summer.

  • @Whadders not seem much of him apart from the one game and that screaming volley but he looks promising. One thing that does go against him is his nationality though, I've always felt that completely opposite to the much desired Brazilians that Scots get a rough ride when it comes to footballing appreciation. Even Archie Gemmill's wonder goal against the Dutch never gets a mention when people discuss the greatest goals of all time.

    I could rant all day about players not getting the global appreciation due to their birthplace (which sometimes doesn't allow them to take their place in the greatest show on Earth - one day I'd love Fifa to allow a team of Wildcards into the World Cup, however it would never happen because it would no doubt go and win it!)

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