Hazard for Ronny ??

  • Just wondering your opinions ??
    I'm considering selling Ronaldo and jumping on Hazard, absolutely love them both, but can't afford to have 4 of the top 6 boys, opinions only interesting, it's not going to make me make a decision, the Media on Ronaldo is huge and reason I hold him, and he's obviously going to get many PB's too, but Hazard is 1 that annoys me not having, obviously I could sell half my Ronaldo's and have little of both.. opinions??

  • spread the risk and have both

  • @Andy-M good plan. Ronaldo too risky for me given age and inevitable mass drop ahead.

  • @NewUser159184 haha was the exact answer i was expecting, just hate having only 100 futures in any player, I'm sure many traders would be over the moon with 100 but not me unfortunately.

  • I actually looked to see if Ronny's price dropped last night but no sign of it to any scale... I think Hazard longer term is the much better prospect.. Ronaldo for todays buzz but with Pogba dominating the news so much even he's slipping when it comes to hype?

    I'm predicting slow sales of Ronaldo over the next year or so and if he's not scoring the goals or grabbing the headlines like he used to I would think it sensible to start thinking about swapping over to more attractive alternatives? For example Salah is still near £3 less with much more offerings on a longer term perspective.

  • @NewUser162554 the only way he'd drop heavily is a serious injury to be honest, the guy is probably fitter than the average 25 year old.

  • not likely to drop heavily... but drop slowly which for me is more painful as the longer and slower the drop the more we hold out to say it will turnaround!!!

  • @dannypea thanks for your opinion mate

  • @dannypea but 1 big media day or one typical Ronny Hat-trick will put him up 50p or so, that's how the Ronaldo show works, but yes if he has a few average games and Pogba keeps on the way he is then ofc Ronaldo will gradually drop.

  • Reply to my own message now haha, I don't think people will sell up on Ronaldo or Pogba in next few weeks because Man United v Juventus games in Champions league, that's going to be a real Ronny v Pogba media monster.

  • No i agree... and come to think of it as soon as Ronny's price slides (due to not scoring) people will hop on and see VFM and when he does hit the net as we know he's a PB magnate and will always win his share of MB too!!!

    The sensible solution would be to hold both but you posed the question Hazard for Ronny... and in thinking I actually acted on your words!!! I've bulk brought Ronaldo on three separate occasions now and sold each time in profit... I'm going to be cutting it fine to make profit if i'm investing in him again, especially on current form!!!

  • Yes it was the post Headline but more of a considering than a already done thing, love hearing traders opinions, sure there are many different ones too.

  • The problem with Ronaldo is that at his age at some point in the next 4 years his value will erode to a minimal amount which is fact.

    At what point he starts to decline in price nobody knows but the decline in price could be slow and steady or overnight (major injury).

    There will be plenty of dividends to be had if it is slow and steady but at some point you will need to sell and without hindsight it is anybody's guess.

    However there will be major winners and losers but if it was me I would hold futures in Ronaldo equal to what profit he has made me and reinvest my original capital elsewhere and slowly further reduce my holding be 5% per month.

    Large profits are always worth taking especially in something you know will eventually be worth nothing

  • Hes in with an outside chance of winning todays MB with the news of his ban only being for 1 match
    his score had crept up by 400 in the last hour whilst Hazards and Pogba's have slowed down

  • @Andy-M when the Pogba media train eventually comes to a halt, I think all the "Hazard to leave" will come up again.

    If Hazard has a bad year, he should leave.
    If Hazard has a good year, he needs to progress.

    Hazard will become a media magnet in 2019 I think.

  • @Lukeroro the Pogtrain won't be stopping before transfer window closes mate, then it's all depending on what happens afterwards

  • @Andy-M Nah, Pogba won't be leaving in Jan, this circus has at least til August.

    Hazard is a better shout than Ronaldo for me though, I'd switch up around Christmas though. Unless Hazard dips, in which case jump on board asap!

  • Love both,but hazard has 6 years on ronny.ronaldo signed a 4 yr deal, its a slower league so dividends guaranteed at least til end of next season surely.people talk of ronnys age but never about messi being 31.same potential injury could also happen to him.bit of each id say!

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