Talisca and carrasco

  • With taliscas loan deal coming to an end and carrasco agent saying he wants a move to seria a in the future there prices have went up over the last couple of weeks... thoughts on what there value will be if they return to Europe?

  • @Chris95

    I hold Talisca @113 & Carrasco @73 & am happy to sit tight until a destination becomes clear, if there's some MB thrown in as well happy days!

    They will inevitably worth more than they are now & would be disappointed if they didn't break £2 each possibly more depending on how high profile the interested clubs are.

  • I have been holding these players for a while. And mentioned in a previous post. There is clear growth in both. Especially Carrasco.

  • Talisco had a nice rise today,can't see any links yet though,anybody got any info?

  • Carrasco is a smart play for anyone right now. 25 years old, he’s coming back to Europe sooner rather then later and should rise to at least £2 or a bit more as someone previously suggested.

  • @NewUser159387 thoughts now mate?

  • @Chris95

    Not as cheap as they were but I still see value in them short/medium term, as I see a European move as far more likely than not; ultimately it will depend on the stature of the club they go to whether it's seen as a great PB/MB opportunity & associated further price rise or a slightly disappointing let down but i still hold (@136 & @188 currently) & am not tempted to sell for at least a couple more months. Looking at comparable talents if they eventually hit £2.50-£3 it wouldn't surprise me.

  • I agree that Carrasco could easily hit £2. It's just a matter of at what point he heads back to Europe. At current pricing it still seems a very safe bet . Might have to accept it still might be another season but I would take to % increase any day over a year or 2.

  • https://en.as.com/en/2018/10/12/football/1539339186_965326.html

    Good sign for anyone holding Carrasco. Hopefully the European scouts still have their eye on him!

  • @NewUser731
    Could be a shout for him to end up back at Monaco. Worked with Henry in the national set up and got along well supposedly. Wouldn't be surprised if he moves there...

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