Marco Verratti 174 Baseline PB Score

  • If i had more to invest Marco Verratti would be one of the first players i would invest in as he looks so undervalued at £2.97 in comparison to similar plays such as Toni Kroos @ £5.28 , Thiago Alcántara @ £5.58 (not even a guaranteed starter)

    i think this may be because Verratti was out at the end of last season and beginning of this season aswell as italy not being in WC.

    He basically tick all the boxes for me i.e

    A starter for one of the European giants in PSG with Ligue 1 being the weakest in depth of the 5 leagues.

    High base score due to high pass completion rate and draws fouls(one of the most key stats with tends to be overlooked)

    Plays in europa or champions league

    It really baffles me how Thiago Alcántara is nearly double his price if anyone has an explanation for this i look forward to hearing it.

  • I think the respective dividend returns from Thiago and Verratti May have something to do with it... anyone have them to hand?

  • @playingcards1 Thiago 42p, Verratti 4p according to IndexGain

  • Yep Verratti just the 1 double day win way back before the mass expansion and the doubling of PB dividends.

    Alcantara 42p, 12p pre expansion, 30p post (2 triple day wins post expansion)

  • Verratti has a decent average pb but rarely gets above 130,rabiot and Di Maria are better holds imo,he has a total yield of 4p and shouldn’t be considered on the same level as kroos or alcantara (imo).

  • @Gazza01 Rabiot total dividends 0p. I personally wouldn't touch him - I think a lot of people bought into the Liverpool rumour, but if you look at their matchday squad they can't even fit in all the midfielders they already have.

    Di Maria possibly, always has a GWG in him, but doesn't seem to get enough game time.

  • @AT10 I don’t hold any of the three but if I did it would probably be Di Maria just ahead of rabiot then Verratti,my main point was that verratti isn’t in the same class as kroos or Thiago as the op seemed to think,but each to their own.

  • Wish i had more funds even more now. RIP £2.97

  • I still bought some futures of Verratti @325p he missed a lot of games so not surprising he's not done so much with PB, it'll come and his price will rise.

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