Price fluctuations

  • Prices rise when shares are bought and reduce when shares are sold - presumably when one is bought from the sale queue the price stays the same as the buy and sale is cancelled out by each other. Does this mean prices only go down when people instant sell? And if instant sell was removed which has been talked about then prices wouldn’t be able to go down as to sell someone would need to buy? Makes sense in my head so hopefully does to someone else.

  • @Wilba The price goes down as soon as a certain number of futures are listed for market sale, not when the futures are sold - it should then go up again when they are bought (or de-listed).

  • Change for 100 or 1000 shares bought/sold

  • Sorry if I'm being a bit slow, but do players prices only go up or down due to people buying or selling them ? Does a good or a poor performance not effect a price change automatically or maybe even transfer speculation affecting a change in value ? Thanks in advance for any help :)

  • If a player plays badly usually his value drops but that is dependent on how high profile the player is. If lots of people hold that player he may drop slowly as lots of money invested in that player. Also take Pogba for example lots of media buzz and off pitch talk keeps the price high. If a player plays well usually price goes up but that also might mean people invest in him as he does well and gets a bit of news feed or media buzz. If there is a transfer speculation people tend to buy that player which then increases the price in the hold a transfer would further inflate that price especially for a big money transfer. Hence pogba to Barcelona and people are investing heavily for media buzz dividends and price growth. Questions is how much will people be willing to spend per share on him.

  • A players performance changes nothing unless the traders react to the performance, please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • @Andy-M said in Price fluctuations:

    A players performance changes nothing unless the traders react to the performance, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Yes its pure demand and supply.

  • @mike778 some of the answers here were very incorrect or badly explained mate.

  • @NewUser2025 Just to clear up the above: Performance does not affect price automatically, no. The only way prices change is through traders buying and selling futures/shares. Of course, if someone performs badly people might be more likely to sell, and similarly a good performance often encourages people to buy, so performance indirectly has an influence on prices in many cases.

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