Aubameyang - Where is he off to?

  • Liverpool has long been the most likely destination but now Man City have got involved. If he did make the move to the Etihad their attacking talent would be insane.....
    Aubameyang (£2.27)
    Aguero (£2.55)
    Sanchez (maybe) (£4.34)
    Jesus (£4.13)
    De Bruyne (£1.37)
    Bernardo Silva (£1.46)
    David Silva (£0.89)
    Sane (£1.55)
    Sterling (£1.61)
    you could even add Dani Alves (squad 34) to that list, frightening! Favourites for the league?

  • definite favourites for the league imo. Although still need a CB and a CDM

  • Who do you reckon for CB and CDM? Van Dijk and Fabinho/Nainggolan?

  • Varane and eric dier would be a perfect fit.

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