Decrease in player's value during block of Instant Sell?

  • Hey guys

    How can a player's value decrease whilst 'Instant Sell' is un-available? if no-one is allowed to instant sell then how can a value decrease???

    Is it only certain accounts that are suspended from instant sell? or is it everyone?



  • I presume selling to market rather than instant sell. Also when some people can't instant sell they try and sell to market, when this is triggered the value of the player decreases by 1p for every 100 shares put up for sale even if the order is cancelled moments later.

  • @NewUser85872 ......cheers, good to know !

    Were you lucky enough to have Messi, Isco and Ramos?

  • I got isco yes. The best of the bunch today : )

  • I had the same issue if you see my post earlier today.

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