Serge Gnabry

  • Am I missing something? £2.12 a share for Frank Ribery's long term replacement at Bayern Munich? Man of the match for Bayern last time out before being subbed after an outstanding run and assist for Arjen Robben. This is a steal of a price. Only 23 years old, often in the Germany squad also. Expect him to double if he keeps performing. Ribery is 35 and won't play anywhere near as much this season. What a bargain.

  • I'm on gnabry, going to get more game time as time moves on and can play as a central striker.

    easily a £3 plus player with a few goals,

    Lucas Moura was 2 pound not so long ago and I don't see much difference.

  • Yep agree, although he’ll be in and out this season and then robben and ribery gone after this season and then he’ll be a permanent fixture I would of thought.

  • Won't Munich more than likely sign up someone else from the German league to replace Robben and Ribery. Brandt, Werner or Bailey?

  • Yes gnabry!

    Also they have that Canadian fellow joining in Jan I think but he is very raw.

  • @KingsOfTipping agree but only till xmas then Coman will be there and Alphonso :/

  • Alphonso is coming from the mls which is a dire league, gnabry will get more games than him.
    In one year they will then have coman, gnabry and Alphonso for 2 wingers and back up strikers .

    Robben and ribery will be in their rocking chairs.

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