The Advincula Challenge

  • Rayo Vallecano are awful... but they have a great kit and one of the unsung stars of the World Cup for me in Peru's Luis Advincula (who despite wearing a similar great kit for his country has had more clubs than Tiger Woods) so whilst watching the conclusion of today's golf in the office (GO EUROPE) i was browsing at my FI portfolio and noticed that I only currently had 998 shares...

    I had about £3 in my account but didn't really want to deposit any more cash in this afternoon as i've spent it all on golf bets... But i really couldn't leave it at 998 so thought could i sneak two futures in so i could have a nice round figure of a thousand instead (It honestly would make me sleep a lot easier)!!!

    Well i did that and the rest as I went whole hog with 5 shares at 0.42 in Advincula!!!

    Checking the PB fixtures for tonight (I tend to always go home) I thought St Etienne were a safe bet (Debuchy perhaps) but with Monaco that bad that they are surely due a win and with both sides playing only a couple of nights ago tiredness can creep in and anything could happen in that game making it unpredictable... Same with Bayern at Berlin... A tough tricky game to call knowing that they both played little over 48 hours ago...No PB certs in either match for me...

    So I threw the form book out the window and decided to go with Rayo who i've long since loved from my days of reading Don Ballon during my childhood holidays on the Spanish Costas...

    So upon gambling £2.10 on x5 Luis Advincula's I've decided to let you all know what happens from now on... Whether I can make ANY money whatsoever from one of the worst clubs in PB league history and one the least purchased players.... Now I reckon I can get to a tenner before Xmas so will keep you posted on how he does, everyone fingers crossed for a Rayo Vallecano win an Advincula hat-trick and clean sheet and we'll be well on the way to making some money!!!

    Current Spend: £2.10
    Shares Brought: 5
    Shares Sold: 0
    Current Value: £2.10

    Profit/Loss: £0

  • Cool story bro

  • Only 16 short of winning today's DF PB and down 0.02 a share already!!!All is not lost though.. I will HODL until the time is right....

  • @dannypea Keep the faith. After seeing that Bebe plays for Vallecano, I'm tempted to buy a couple of him to do the same.

  • Bought 29 @ 39p Will be buying a shirt with his name on it with the price increase and dividends earned by the end of the season!

  • Just sold 2 Leroy Sane shares to fund 20 Luis Advinculas. Let's start the project here and make him Christmas no. 1!!!!

  • Pretty static right now gents, gonna sit patiently. Held him earlier in the season for a cheeky rise and I can smell another coming!

  • Almost 7 days in to the Advincula Challenge and as mentioned above things are a little slow right now.. Currently sitting at 0.40 I'll admit I'm 0.02 per share down after a week investing but as the great Brian Clough once said... "Rome wasn't built in a day" but then again he weren't on that particular job....

    This week the mighty Rayo take on bottom of the table Leganes tomorrow night in a late kick off that could see the Peruvian full back snatch the days PB gong if all goes well... If it doesn't, Leganes will leapfrog Vallecano with only Huesca below them who play a day later.

    Sunday will give us an indication of whether Advincula has the ability (and team-mates) to grow in value... If he doesn't we still don't panic, but as the winter window approaches there could be a couple of cut-loss options that could see some surprising rises in value so jumping ship and swapping to an equally as bad footballer to profit from hasn't been written off yet...

    I'll keep you all posted as no doubt you'll be excited to see the growth in profit made from owning the fastest footballer in the word... and in the meantime i'll leave you with this quote from Arsene Wenger...

    "If you eat caviar every day it's difficult to return to sausages."

    Current Spend: £2.10
    Shares Brought: 5
    Shares Sold: 0
    Current Value: £2.00

    Profit/Loss: -£0.10

  • @dannypea you only bought 5 shares?!?! He'll never make Christmas number one like that. At least Brian Clough was committed to his cause...

  • @Lukeroro hahahahaha.... i think i went in like Clough did when he was at Leeds... a little cautious and a little unconvinced i was doing the right thing!!!! ;-)

  • @dannypea 5 shares suggests you went more in like Nigel!

  • I've told you... I had £3 in my balance and I weren't prepared to deposit any more!!!!

    I run my portfolio how Daniel Levy runs Tottenham!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • @dannypea not gonna be a good year for you then!!!
    Aye, I bought 10 or so, nothing major, but been topping up. He can't stay this low forever!

  • See, even you're a believer!!!!!

    All he needs to do is win the Spanish version of the Rumbelows Sprint Challenge and we'll be quids in!!!!!!!!

    As for me, Levy & Spurs.... as long as we sell Kane & Ali to Real Madrid & Man City respectively by this time next year we'll all be laughing to the bank!!!! ;-)

  • ive got all my Mbappes in the sell queue at the moment ready to pile some of them on "The Ferret"

  • @NewUser159184 said in The Advincula Challenge:

    ive got all my Mbappes in the sell queue at the moment ready to pile some of them on "The Ferret"

    Good man, welcome to the executive board!

  • @Lukeroro can I join? I have invested 40p just to get a seat on the rollercoaster

  • @Ringers

    All aboard first teamers, squad players, ringers, you're all welcome!!!

    All you need to do is invest in Advincula and believe!!!! This time next year Rodney!!!!!

  • @dannypea said in The Advincula Challenge:

    This time next year Rodney!!!!!

    Just perfect!

  • @Ringers

    It's all or nothing gents, you can join the WAGs on the teacups with two futures.

    Us big boys with over 14 shares are going for the log ride, rollercoaster comes soon!!

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