The Advincula Challenge

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    Got another 25!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just joined the ‘Adders Train’
    20 @ 51p

  • I’ve gone big. Now up to 30 shares. Time to think about retiring early I reckon!

  • Shame that forum posts don't count towards MB score!! He'll be top 200 soon

  • Peru have 3 matches coming up over the next few weeks
    Chile 13th Oct - Saturday
    USA -17th Oct
    Costa Rica - 20 Nov

    They narrowly lost 2-1 against germany last month with the ferret opening the scoring

  • Another 3-4p rise today would give a 30% 24 hour lift and should push him into the 'Risers'.

  • @Ollie I have just got myself 50 - every little helps

  • Now 59p Whoohooo!!! Up £1.60 in an hour.
    My biggest profit for a while!!!!

  • Well what a weekend it’s been… first the announcement of a brand new currency to rival the YEN, the GBP, the dollar and all the major Crypto’s on the market and it is only bleddy called ‘Advinculi’

    Then despite a single goal loss which saw the mighty Rayo Vallecano slump to 19th in La Liga the price of Advinculi saw it’s first rises and now at the time of writing we are at a whopping 0.58 per share!!!!

    With 91 PB pts gained on Saturday night it was another respectful showing for a defender who’s team were beaten and we all know its only a matter of time before the ferret smashes one in the top corner and Rayo get victory thus winning us all PB dividends and we’ll be dancing in the streets of Basingstoke, Bradford & Barnet when the money comes in!!!!!

    You might think it’s all too good to be true but those who backed Bitcoin in the early days will tell you that you have to be in it to win it so I think we should ALL jump on and continue this special journey together!!!

    You can see the rewards for yourself that there is money to be earned in Advinculi!!!!!!!!

    Current Spend: £2.10
    Shares Brought: 5
    Shares Sold: 0
    Current Value: £2.90

    Profit/Loss: £0.80

    So much so that I’ve I’ve just brought ANOTHER 35 shares (at 0.54) in Luis Advincula myself taking my total tally to 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Latest ADV verses GBP +0.16 (and climbing!!!!)

  • Currently on 34% rise today, lowest riser Wague, is on 33%, nearly there! Just bought another few.

  • Carry on like this and we can cross our fingers for Top 200 in early December.. and anticipating a Christmas FI bonus, Christmas Number 1 is a potential reality!

  • @Lukeroro it's rage against the machine!!! the anti-etsablishment vote!!!! don't vote pogba..... VOTE FOR THE FERRET!!!!

  • Well done everyone, he's now in the risers! Any new buyers will see he's still on the up.

  • Back of the net



  • He's dropped to 58p, but that's to be anticipated. I used the drop to top up another 20 shares!

    I'm having visions of old Luis being the special guest at a Wolf of Wall Street style party!

  • @Ollie said in The Advincula Challenge:

    The mini milestone will be to get into the risers list

    Who'd have thought we'd have just gone and done it the next day aha

  • @Lukeroro breaking all records!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • My favourite Peruvian since Nobby Solano!!!

  • Need to keep him on the list for a while to get new punters in. Bought a few more.

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