• New to all of this.

    But i'm trying to sell 100 shares of a player its been sat there for 2 days and not one sold.

    But the price has started to now increase which I thought would indicate more people and buying than selling yet not one sold.

    I guess I just need to be patient? If the price is going up rather than down eventually they'll sell?

  • @NewUser83931 You are in a queue. Be patient and when your turn comes they will sell.

  • @TheSleepingGiant What I thought.

    Given that the price is going up I assume more are buying than selling so this will happen quicker.

  • There will be other traders who have the player in the queue. Lets say there are 1000 futures in the queue, when you list you will be in position 1001-1100.

    If the next day then someone buys 100 of that player then his price will increase by approx. 1p - your futures will be still in the queue at positions 991-1000.

    If its a low key player then there might not be many buyers (even if there are more buyers than sellers) so may take a while. Depends who it is. If the price is rising then just leave him in the queue unless you anticipate a drop.

  • @NewUser83931 in addition to shares being purchased from the queue increasing the price it can also increase if people cancel their sale.

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