Your dealing with a specific player

  • It would be a useful feature if you were able to track your entire historical performance in respect to your trading against each player
    For example - if you had, in the past purchased 100 Mason mounts @ £1 and then sold them all at £2
    and then later on re purchased 100 for £3. It would just show that your trading against that play being measured against the £3 purchase price and not take into account the profitable dealings you had in the past on that player.

    Historically your average purchase price against Mason Mount would actually be £2 but it would show as £3 on your portfolio
    I probably haven't explained myself very well here......:)

  • @NewUser159184 you have and I think it would be good if you could get it, but I wouldn’t want it showing on the portfolio page, you need to know how much you’ve made/lost on the ones you actually hold.

  • Perhaps it could be included as an additional column....
    Another useful feature would be to have the ability to see the players you held but have since sold but with the option to be able to filter them out to show just your current holdings.

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