Portfolio Management Service

  • This may have been asked before, but would FI allow a portfolio management service where an investor or investor(s) look after other users portfolios in return for a commission? Much like investors do with pensions, savings etc. Pretty sure this would be against the current rules, but maybe something FI would consider allowing in the future? There are many experienced investors on here who could use their skills and knowledge to help others and make some money for themselves.

    I know there would need to be written agreements etc, but just floating the idea around. Would you consider either using this or being part of the service?

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市 People already do this. They just put the money in there own account. I've had people ask me, but I declinded them. I don't want to be responable for friends and family money.

  • No chance mate. As you said it's against rules the difference is fi is regulated by gambling commission unlike other investment you mentioned so is basically seen as a syndicate which would be shut down.

    Growth atm is so good that no-one really needs it so doubt there will be demand for such a service at present.

    Possibly in the future

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