Why is aguero so low?

  • Yes I hold a few but for a start he's under 6 quid and he's gone down 16p allegedly overnight. Why? He's prolific atm. Would start for every team in the world and scored again yesterday. And while I'm on the subject Kane scores 2 yesterday and goes down in price.

  • He has a 13% dividend yield which suggests his price is about right - given his age (you would expect a bigger return on older players), maybe he is a touch over-priced. Yes there are players such as the infamous zero dividend Sane but they are younger so you are buying potential.

    Him and Kane dropping yesterday is just the usual cycle of players not winning often dropping after games , nothing to worry about , same as players drifting up before they play.

  • Also carrying an injury

  • @NewUser60527

    Also got the hook after an hour to protect him for the midweek CL start & Liverpool next weekend - no need to thrash a thoughbred in a donkey derby game.

  • Lots of goals doesn’t mean good PB scores. Along with Kane, cavani, mandukzic, they just don’t get enough touches on the ball. Neymar gets such big scores because he buzzes around behind the striker, earning fouls, crossing, passing- and even tho the other night mandukzic scored 2 and Neymar 1, it was because Neymar was so involved in play he scored almost a 100 more points. Strange but true.

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