Are young English players overpriced?

  • Just wondering everyone’s thoughts on the up and coming English talent that is gaining a lot of interest on the index, namely Sancho, Foden etc.

    Does their price represent value or is this a higher risk hold due to them not being established as of yet.

    Looking at similar young midfielders such as Dele Alli, who’s price stays around £4 and is a regular international, it seems that there might not be as much growth as people expect. What do people think the value of these kids could be, and at what risk?

  • @JRMtrader

    Depends on the player & what opportunities they are likely to get; Sancho is on the verge of regular chances at Dortmund (CL & strong team in PB league), Foden looks further down the pecking order but with similar stature team. Contrast that to the "next big thing" Chelsea youngsters who had 1 good pre season game & might get a championship club on loan if they are lucky.

    English talent will always trade at a premium but they need to have opportunities to prove themselves to justify any price IMO & law of average will mean most fail to kick on. Risk far outweighs the opportunity in most of them IMO especially when there are much better value players to be had elsewhere.

  • I think with Sancho there is a potentially going to be a period of media buzz over the next 6 months as he appears in the public consciousness more based on his performances currently and if he gets into one of the England squads.
    Sancho is also only 18 so who knows how good he might become?

    A big driver to player value on this platform is also linked to a players MB potential rather than how good the player actually is (Poggers being the prime example).

    English players will inevitably be overpriced as most of the news feeds are English, there are no doubt players of a similar age and ability coming up through the ranks for Spain or Italy for example who will possibly be between £1-£2 pounds purely on the basis of exposure.

  • Agree. Dominic Calvert Lewin @ £1.29 (was 65p when I invested) is about the only English player (except Kane) I would consider investing in at present.

  • I invested early in Sancho and at £2 many people were telling us that he will suffer a dip and was always over priced. There's a buzz and respect about Sancho. He could easily have stayed at Man City, picking up his wages, struggling to break through and he made a conscious decision for his career to move to a fantastic club in Dortmund. He's moved to a club who are well within the top ten in the world, where he will get game time and he has made an impact whenever he has played. For me he'll be in the transfer talk within a year. A matter of time before teams in England will be willing to pay £40m plus for him and the inevitable England call up will be soon.
    I really rate Foden but I refuse to invest at £4 plus. He's going to struggle to get into the Man City team and will inevitably have to drop to a lesser team to get game time within a year or two. Then we will see if he sinks or swims.
    With transfer gossip and an international call up which will happen this year. I reckon Sancho could hit heights of £6 this season alone.

  • I bought Mount at £1.30 and sold at £1.70. I bought again at £2 and he is £3.20. I think he is as good as Sancho and Foden and will rise up further. Is he worth it? I don't know. Will other people think he is worth it? I think they will. Mount aged 19 and £3.20. Maddison aged 22 and £4.50. Mount is doing now what Maddison did a year ago and 2 years younger.

  • @NewUser67492 couldn’t agree more. The sancho thing is that he’s getting games and anyone who got in as you did early is fine. But absolutely not going to pay £4 for phil foden when the guy gets 5 mins a game and the odd league cup match. He needs to go on loan and be a regular and then we will see his true worth. Way way overpriced currently. I got in really early on both mount and Maddison but if I had not have then I would even be questioning their prices but they are playing every week so are better value then foden.

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