Isn't it time to allow 1000 buys/sells?

  • Think that 100 max spoils FI, share buyers can buy/sell as many as they please, don't see what the 100 limit brings to the index?

  • @NewUser23825

    When order books are introduced you may get your wish; 100 is a simple number & allows the AI to control price movements (& risk) in any fast moving situation

  • @NewUser23825 selling to the market would be ok with 1000 futures, but instant sell would have a huge negative effect on the market, you instant sell 1000 big boys and he drops like hell, then people panic sell.

  • @NewUser159387 can you explain what the Order Books are please?? Keep seeing this pop up everywhere and keep meaning to ask.

  • @Andy-M As the market increases maybe have the current adjustment of 100 buys/sells changed to 1000, at it's current level it makes for a very volatile market and easier for people to determine a players value, I think it would be better if it worked liked the betfair exchange with a certain amount of shares on the buy/sell side.
    It's current format was set up when not that many trades were expected and already it is dated and too much swing in buy/sell price.

  • @Andy-M

    It would allow people to buy & sell in a specified quantity & price in a similar way to betfair exchange so the weight of trading determines the price rather than FI.

  • In theory, it also should regulate IPO price elevation but that's not exactly effective.

  • It’s bankrupt FI

    21p player, buy a 1000, you buy them all at 21p -£210
    but he’s 31p after the purchase.
    U the instant sell 1000 at a 1p spread £300-£6 commission- £294

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