Starting again. Help?

  • Hey guys. I’ve been on football index since February this year and so far I’m at a loss by quite a bit but this is down to impatience and rash decisions and I know that if I had kept the same players from when I joined at the prices they were I’d now be rolling in it, of course now these players are now high priced.
    So basically I started with £7,500 and I’m currently just over 5 grand. If I was to start again with 5 grand what advice and players have you got for me? The players I have now bar a couple are just doing nothing or dropping and never win MB or PB. I just want a solid restart so I have the confidence going forward.

  • @Barkez_86

    You really need to decide what you want from FI; MB/PB dividends, long term growth/undervalued players, young future starlets or short term trading opportunities or a combination of some or all of them. This strategy then needs both patience & discipline, which you have admitted you struggle with, so you need to write some rules & STICK TO THEM. Why? because otherwise as you have just proved you are likely to lose money which is obviously a really poor strategy.

    Once you have decided on the type of strategy you want that will tend to dictate the type of player you need to find & there are plenty of options on these pages if you struggle to find them through your own research. Personally I invest largely for long term growth & aim not to have more than 2% in any one player, thus diversifying my risk. So your £5k would mean buying £100/player which I might double on certainties or half on speculative gambles but would end up with around 50 +/- players.

    Hope that helps & good luck with whatever you finally decide.

  • Have a couple of stalwarts on your squad that will reap dividends and also have some mid priced and low priced gambles, what I do is always have a low priced player that I spend all divis on for a period of time and then move onto another and invest, Pogba has obviously been amazing with his mbs forever and I have a couple of low pricers that I invest that in. No hard and fast rules, a couple at the top end should see you in good stead and don't trade too often as penalties are very harsh.

  • I would buy some of the top 4 big boys, who are earning dividends- Pogba, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, hazard. Then some from the next level who will one day day take over big boys- Ascensio, Isco, Mbappe, dybala, ousamane dembele, Gabriel Jesus etc. Then some from the prospective talents- de Jong, Vinicius jr, Jadon sancho, Phil Foden, Sessegnon, Leon Bailey, geubbels etc. These are just some of the possible future talents, so do your own research. With a three layer strategy of about 40- 50 players you should be covering all bases. It’s mostly a long term strategy, but u will need to keep an eye on the dividend earning “big boys” incase they retire/transfer/get injured.

  • I go for young players that play regularly mainly, such as Barella, NDombele, Mount, Sarr and Maximin, and then prospects like Sergio Gomez, Weah and Geubbels. I hold around 25 players.

  • I would agree with the above , a spread of players Ranging from neymar/Pogba/ronaldo/hazard, some in the £4-6 bracket, then young prospects. It’s the safest strategy.

    I’m curious to know who you bought when you first started that lost you so much during a period of exponential growth in the index?

    I started in April, and pretty much had 80% in salah and Neymar. A risky strategy but paid off, and even survived the “mini crash” sell off in late April. So difficult to see how you would have lost money, unless it was during the summer chaos?

  • Before you do anything....
    Is ur 5k currently in futures??
    If it is selling them incurring at least another 2% loss might be the wrong thing?
    Who are you holding at the mo?
    The right thing to do might be sit tight for a bit.

  • @Ringers for instance I’m a chunk down on David Otto, I could bail out and lose a bit more, but I think it’s the wrong think to do! My loss has stabilised, he’s not dropping anymore, he has a little injury, they aren’t risking him. He’ll start playing n come back, he is really young, has a great future! Holding a loss is the right thing to do sometimes

  • Hmmmm, you talk about making rash decisions, maybe the lesson now is to keep the whole portfolio and hope for the growth that you believed in from the start.. as said above who do you have? Hard to give advice without some clues on your current futures.

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