How big can FI get??

  • Evening all, I’ve seen FI grow bigger and bigger over time but does anybody the long term plan? is to have rights to going European wide. My workmate is Italian massive Napoli fan and knows Italian football really good. Like the next upcoming stars in Italy etc. Told me chiesa and barella long time go. Was just thinking if they become live in Italy, Germany or wherever the players will shoot up from them leagues. Like the young english prospects do now. Has there been any news in these meetings about FI becoming live in these countries.

  • I don't think there is any plans currently. I expect FI to grow 10x as much though in average player values within 2 years from now. I have £20k invested. I wish I had more but don't.

  • Wish you had more haha. I’d take half that. I hope your right with your predictions. Still seems to be a good thing to have an Italian friend in the know around seria A and B.

  • @Ash88 yes, definitely good to have detailed knowledge of other leagues. I think I read on here that Germany and Spain are the next countries planned for expansion, although I may be wrong. I can see it really taking off in Germany especially.

  • Yes you would expect that players from Germany Spain and Italy etc would rise if the platform opens up to those nations. There is no doubt about that.

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