Andre Silva

  • What’s everyone’s views on Andre Silva? His form is excellent at the moment, goal machine. Sevilla are in the europa league so he’s playing plenty of games too.

    His value doesn’t seem to be rising much which has me wondering. He’s currently on loan (from Milan) with an option to buy. I guess this could mean that he’ll likely be back at Milan or permanent move to Sevilla next season. Does the fact that he is unlikely to move to England put people off? Or is anyone aware of another reason why he isn’t an attractive hold?

  • @Whadders I’m not sure Milan will want him back he was a bit of a flop and it all got a little embarrassing, I guess he’s on loan because no one wanted to buy him.
    I don’t know the ins an outs of the deal with Seville, but I guess money talks, if someone wants him bad enough it’ll happen.
    And he has gone up over 100% since I paid 1.25 for him about 3 or 4 months ago. He’ll be 3 quid by xmas if he carries on and hits a PB, which is possible

  • @Ringers thanks for the response. I wasn’t aware of what happened at Milan. Think I’ll hold for now and see what happens.

  • Agree he's already gone up a fair bit since banging in a hattrick on the first day , but I think he still has potential to grow a lot more

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