"Just a bit of fun" - the low investment low effort strategy

  • Most of the impressive stuff I see written on here is about how to invest optimally when you have a fairly large portfolio.

    But say you don't have much money to play with, or you just want to do it as a fun hobby. I, for example, only put £50 in, and do not plan to put any more in. At this point, following a lot of the advice given would involve a lot of effort for not very much reward.

    So - what is your advice for people who don't want to spend much time researching?

    (FWIW I think this market - the £50-200 investors - are exactly who FI should be trying to attract to really go big. Right now I think it's fairly impenetrable for this group, unless they put quite a lot of time in.)

    My tips:

    1. Buy mid-career MB magnets. Doesn't take much knowledge of FI to know which players the media like. You won't be able to buy many. But even buying a few gives you a solid base for your low effort portfolio.
    2. Buy well known players the day after they get injured, as long as it doesn't look too serious. You can burnt in the short term with this, but if willing to hold until a few days before they return, it can work quite well.
    3. Avoid chasing PB, unless piggybacking off somebody else's research, who you really really trust. PB is, frankly, a lot of effort to understand and track.
    4. Read http://footballindextrader.co.uk - which is great.
    5. Try to anticipate the next transfer saga. If you are aware of players approaching the end of their contract, for example. Obviously don't spend ages researching this, but if you're a bit into football you'll became aware of some organically.

    Would be really interested in your thoughts!

  • In the last 6 weeks I have brought and sold Isaac Success twice each time for well under £50 and have made about 10% each time. (One example).

    To be honest you just have to play this for a while to get a feel and understand everything.

    AN Easy way to make a few quid is look for a player that is benched on game day then buy him ( Price drops), you might have to wait a few weeks before he gets in the team but when he does his price will be up then just put him up for sale around kick off or a bit before ( this does require good timing).

    You wont make mega money doing that but every couple of quid helps and its surprising how small change adds up. ( reinvest that into something else).

  • My advice is the bundesliga. some absolute steals for cheap. the country is renowned for bringing through and developing young players.ten futures for under or around £10 each. Let them appreciate and sell for profit. Also some cheap players in prem who when they score goals,prices rise. so many ways for someone without alot of money to begin with

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