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  • I can see a loads of posts where people are saying that there is no big chance to earn a good money now as the prices are high and all... what i can say is that I joined exactly 2 weeks ago and atm my profit is st 16.85% My idea of joining this platform was to have fun where u can check yourself and your knowledge and in this same time u can earn some money... I really enjoy my time here coz as the fantasy premier league addict ( best finish 8k ) I finally found ideal platform for playing for "real". so when u good with general football knowing u should be good and a profit of 20% even after a year time is really good.

  • I’d actually say it’s never too late on Football Index because there will always be a new talent emerging. With the right research, a new trader has just as much chance as an experienced one to nab a future world class player for pennies.

    Less than a month ago Piatek was £1.50 and Renato Sanches was under £1. Nothing stops a new trader from being the person who snaps up the next big thing.

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