Footie down yesterday

  • Is that a first or is it a result of the post promotion correction?

  • This weekends been the worst decline in my overall portfolio worth since I first started, Iv held most of my players but a couple I had to sell just to stop the rot

  • Not at all the first. The Index used to be a lot more volatile and there have been some remarkable drops over the last few years. This weekend has been a minor and probably overdue mini correction in comparison.

  • @playingcards1

    I thought as much

    DONT PANIC MR MAINWARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mine has gone down but not by that much thankfully. Hopefully it stays still a little while and then bursts. I've needed to take out £2,000 for rent, new laptop, and Credit Card repayments at the moment so don't want much growth until I've stuck £1k back in when I'm financially stable again.

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