Cristiano Ronaldo

  • It could get quite Messi once the full details come out


  • I can't see him ever going to jail over this so I don't think anyone needs to start selling up

  • I think the fact that it's not already dominating the MB speaks volumes. However we'll just have to wait and see.

  • One thing that doesn't make sense is that it has been a leading item on Talksports main news all day and yet it doesn't appear in the MB scores today? Talk Sport being one of the MB sources

  • Legal matters don’t count in MB scoring.
    Although as a fairly large holder of CR7 I’m slightly concerned. Firstly if there are any substance to these claims this could really have an affect on his performance which haven’t been great PB wise since move to juve anyways. So may already be having an affect. Also I’ve heard German magazine have even more to release on this story.
    Ive decided to slightly de risk by selling a third of my hold and transferring into Neymar. And keep an eye on how story develops. If it’s a load of bull then I’ve lost about 7% of my hold from the trade which I can live with. If however it goes to court and the unthinkable happens then I’ve got a head start in the sell off.
    But with the holding I still have in him without doubt hope it to be proven a false claim.🤞🏻

  • @Dulix said in Cristiano Ronaldo:

    Legal matters don’t count in MB scoring.

    I thought that was the explanation , however this news article appears in his MB

  • @Dulix Is there a reason for legal matter not counting, or is it all non football stories regarding a player that don't count? eg Messi to give half his wealth to save the meerkats or Pogba buys new diamond encrusted ford focus.

  • I have had reservations recently about holding many shares in Ronaldo with his age, his slightly diminishing PBs and now the fact that this seems to be gathering momentum and developing into what might become something of a saga over the coming weeks. (But without the benefit of clawing anything back from it through MB)
    His price has gone down 29p today alone

  • @Misto FI reserve the right to remove any "non-football" stories, but in reality they only remove articles relating to criminal activity, as it would look bad for FI for people to be profiting from it.

    @NewUser159184 the stories will only be counted at all if they appear in the RSS feed of the news outlet, maybe the Talksport stories didn't?

  • I would get shot of the winker😜

  • She got paid out of court 9 years ago.clearly the money didnt last her long enough.why pay hush money if you arent guilty.he had the wealth to sue her for every dollar she had and then some.but he didnt.if fi have banned instant selling thats kinda naughty.people have the right to ditch their futures whenever they feel like it while Instant Sell is there in my opinion

  • @NewUser77147 they took it away now, so sell quickly if that's what you really want to do, I think its Bull too that they suspend IS.

  • I dont own any futures in him mate, i just think if instant sell is a feature, people should have the right to sell if thats what they want

  • @NewUser77147 I don't know. Victor Ortiz is another Sportsman who has been accused of Rape this week alone.

  • @HappyLarry59855 said in Cristiano Ronaldo:

    @NewUser77147 accused of Rape this week alone.

    How does that work then?

    Rape ... alone? Did he molest himself?

    If that's a crime, send me to the electric chair.

  • They've taken away the instant sell option which is an underhand tactic by FI / if not down right bad practice.

    You can't offer a service like Instant Sell and then just decide to suspend it on a big hitter without warning. I imagine lots of people, like myself, were in the sell queue, then decided to just instant sell and because of the warning not in place, then a) couldn't instant sell, b) lost their place in the sell queue as a result.

    There should at the very least be a warning triangle on his profile warning users that instant sell is not an option at the moment, before they join/leave the sell queue.

  • Happens all the time. Happened when Neymar, Kane and Salah were injured pre- WC.

  • On the news this morning
    The Las Vegas Police dept have reopened the case
    This one is going to run and run I'm afraid

  • @NewUser159184 Plus Allegri say's he needs a rest and it's just as well he's not playing against YBB due to suspension. I think this might be the beginning of the end.

  • @Ellisandro bit early to say that

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