Spotting Value Master Thread Collective Brainstorm

  • Ok so everyone has different ideas for trading and spotting value. I'd like this thread to be a collective brainstorming session.

    So here's my 2 cents.

    1 - Injured players - Buy on the dip and sell upon their return.

    2 - Buying players after a PB. I've noticed most players have a rise within 30 days of getting a PB score. More so for top 200.

    3 - Looking at football edge for historical player scores.

    4 International call ups for England. Money to be made here.

    5 Live Prem games. Goalscorers can increase in price once a goal has gone in. Can be a bit risky.

    6 If a player gets dropped. There price can drop but if you think they will play a part during the season their price tends to go up.

    One question I would love your input on is how do you spot value in a player? What makes a player £5 vs £4 or £3?

    Whats your criteria for making a valuation on a player and whether his price will increase?


  • @Rob i would say option 2 you are too late to the party buy pb players in advance of a win using a data product such as mine (£2 a month), scout (£5 a month) or edge (£6.49 a month).

    Email for all last years data for free and info on signing up. There are definitely some undervalued players out there atm

  • @Rob using data packages such as Noir's above, and working out a players' goal/minute ratio. Highlights young players who are on the verge of breaking into the first team. Also needs a layer of filtering for super-subs, but even they will likely be undervalued and looking fir a transfer in January/ summer.

    Also, comparing the number of players competing for a starting place (the Roma midfield springs to mind) and when squad rotation will kick in.

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