Ondej Duda

  • Been on here a few weeks now and TBH Im at a loss, however Duda is starting to make me some good profit.

    5 goals in 6 games for a midfielder is a great return plus I still see a lot of Growth in the coming weeks.

  • He’s doing very well and hopefully it continues. If so the inevitable move to Bayern will come alon in a season or two haha. Agree that he’s made great returns in the past month and he’s young so for me it’s a long term hold. Currently at £1.85 so if he keeps his form and stays clear of injury I can only see him going one way. Important fact as well that he’s starting games and at age 23 he’s got years ahead of him. One of the things I look at when I’m investing in a player is the potential for someone to rise at least £3-4 from the price I got him at. Can certainly see Duda being at £4-5 player long term.

  • Looks half decent, on free kicks, playmaker, scores goals got all the right tools.

  • Playing now for Slovakia

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