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  • I know everyone has different approaches to buying and selling players, but I would be interested to see how different some peoples are...

    Personally I've been on since April time and have only sold 1 player (excluding one player I held one share in to qualify for the bonus). All other players I've bought along the way (up to 20 now) I still hold. Anyone else similar to me?

    Or does anyone trade frequently? How frequently? How do you judge when to sell a player? I know it'a quite an open topic but thought I could maybe learn how to put my money to best use, particularly when the Index is still growing.

  • @Johar

    I'm buying and selling all the time mate.

    If all you do is sit in the green and red, then it's just a bunch of colours with no actual profit or loss.

    The key to making real money on this platform is jumping in and out of holds at the right time.

    Every player rises and falls. The growth of the platform has meant that the value of almost every top 200 player has increased massively over the past 12 months.

    There is nothing wrong with your strategy, but think how much more profit you might have made, if instead of driving over the speed bumps, you avoided them completely.

  • I tend to break my portfolio up into sections. Pot A, B, C etc. So for example, 20 long term holds ( players under age 24)

    20 players I trade in and out of depending on their form and percentage rises. So they might be players who might not be superstars but who might be doing well at a certain point in time who I feel I can get a great rise out of. Obviously you need a strategy around taking profits if you trade like this and you have to be disciplined to stick to it. You could take full profit if someone rises say 60% or at that point you could scale out. It all depends on you. You might even put a time limit on the trade it is all a personal choice.

    I then have a group of players who my idea is hold for a season and then analyse at the end. They may be players over 30 who I want to keep but am not certain of. For example bezmema and Suarez. Both 30/31 now. Cheap prices, but play for Madrid and Barca. Both not really scoring much but always have the potential during the season to score a lot of goals. In their cases I will hold until the summer and see.

    Players like Mitrovic go into my (trade in and out pot. He is in a great moment right now but I’m not sure he will sustain it. So if I get to my 60% target increase on him I will close that trade. Of course there is always the risk of leaving money on the table but this is the business of speculation and you need to have a plan and be strong enough to stick to it.

  • Cheers, guys two really good responses

    Love the analogy! Yeah I definitely appreciate that jumping in and out of holds will increase profit, just a case of trying to get the timing right.

    Yeah I've seen people talk about splitting their portfolio into different sections which I quite like. Think I might have a go at allocating a portion to purely short term trades and see how I get on!

  • The whole splitting thing is great. I think you should be able to section the portfolio, colour coordinate it or have different categories.

  • @Johar

    The only problem with constantly trading is that it's costly, 2% hit everytime (on total sale not just profit) & you risk missing large gains, especially whilst the index is growing so strongly (nearly every player benefiting) I have no doubt that when Pogba hit £9/10/11 many traders took a good profit & were satisfied, yet if they had held on through the speed bumps they would now be sat on a £14 player & still not paid 2% commission.

    i much prefer to hold a strong core of players both with MB/PB chances but also capital growth in mind & believe riding out any volatility will be more cost effective than trading in & out constantly. I do also have a smaller % of my portfolio that I will take profits & gamble on transfer speculation or gaining a starting position rises for short or medium term trades & some very young potential starlets who are just cheap, long term punts & any price dips are used to top up holdings.

    There's no right or wrong way to make money & if traders weren't selling I wouldn't benefit from as many price dips so it all helps the market function.

  • Everybody is different but I agree with having different pots. I personally have simplified mine to Pot A as hopefully my 3 year keepers who produce big dividends (and rises) such as Pogba and Neymar. I then buy double the amount of shares I require in each new player and then when I believe the profit is right sell the additional 50% and invest in a new player and repeat. Finally I have roughly £1,000 I use for short term buying and selling which I view as my gambling pot! I have used this method to now accumulate just over 50 players.

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