Richarlison...higher or lower?

  • What are peoples views on Richarlison, will he continue up or slide? The Everton fixture schedule for the next 5 matches are pretty favourable with 3 home games against teams they'll be wanting points off. Man Utd away is the 5th game, with their form and troubles its an opportunity. There's talk of a striker role for Richarlison in the news, as well as other interesting news so media buzz is pretty good. I personally think he's still worth a punt, his price has fallen slightly recently but he is priced pretty high so that's to be expected. Was he a flash in the pan after his signing to Everton and the world cup weary players around him that caused his price to surge or signs of big and better things to come?

  • I think his price spiked a bit when he played for Brazil. Not sure he is worth current price, Everton are rubbish so not likely to get PB in my opinion and his MB isn’t up to much generally.

    I suppose one day if he does very well a big club will buy him but is that likely in the next season or two?. It’s a big price to wait for that.

    I also think if you compare him to Rashford which I hold then Rashford has a higher ceiling in my opinion as long as Jose gets fired or resigns, England MB and Man U MB plus potential PB if Rashford starts scoring.

  • Should go up long term as only 21 but I tend to grizzle a bit at young players who cost over £4 🙈. Mind you, in 12 months time he could be at £7 and then what can you do haha. It’s the business of speculation. Hindsight would have seen us all be on the index from day 1 😂

  • Everton are about to turn the corner and Silva managed to get the best out of the boy at Watford. If they can provide a goal threat i.e buy someone or get Calvert-Lewin or Tosun playing well it should help Walcott and Richarlison. It's a long term hold. Give him two year and he'll be off to Real.

    There are few and far between players that can beat man.

  • When looking at players, I try and imagine what the best semi-realistic possible outcome could be up to a maximum of 1 year into the future (no more than 1 year as the opportunity cost of that money being invested elsewhere in players becomes very hard to assess).

    So the best semi-realistic outcome is that Richarlison has a great season and ends up around the £6 mark (the ceiling for players not in European comps/big club atm in my opinion). That's a growth of 50% on current price, which is obviously great but this is looking at absolute best case scenario. Can you obtain 50% growth in other players who have a better chance? Again, in my opinion, yes. So I wouldn't buy him.

  • Aguero under 6 quid and in CL though

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