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  • This is the Media Buzz wins for Pogba since last Monday, good chance of winning that tonight (paid Wednesday) only last Tuesday when beaten by Salah and Saturday pipped by Hazard, that's the only time in last 9 days... absolute Media Gold 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • The days i wrote are the days of pay out

  • might sound rude here...........but whats your point? i bought pogba at £5.20 so he has been great for me. but now his media gold is fully reflected in his price

  • @NewUser115892 1st congratulations on that price... the reason I'm writing this as a new post is because I've been involved in a few different Pogba posts in the last week or so, and many people were talking about the Media getting bored with Pogba and so on, a few people were saying that the Media would turn to Hazard since his Hat trick... and yes i think you were a bit rude, hahaha

  • didnt mean to be rude, just thought everyone knows he has been smashing the media recently. anyway........Hazard will never outdo Pogba on the media long term. I hold both but for me hazard is for PB, Pogba for MB. But as a holder of Pogba, he has and will continue to provide great returns. But i fully recognise that you need an exit plan with Pogba. If the media buzz dies down he will easily be down to £10 / £11. Not sure what my plan is yet, but its on my agenda

  • The title of the topic made me think of a dyslexic kid singing the theme tune from 'happy days'.

  • @NewUser115892 don't see it dying down any time soon unless Utd start playing well and Pogba becomes a quiet cog in the engine without an alcoholic operating his Twitter account.
    But for that to happen, Mourinho has to go (Pogba in the headlines), Pogba has to have a few quiet games (Pogba in the headlines) and Pogba will come off social media which will have everyone wandering why he's so quiet! (Also Pogba in the headlines.) I reckon Pogba's barber could be valued at about £3 on here simply for media buzz!!

    *disclaimer: I'm not on Pogba any more. Relatively small portfolio and the 5p media doesn't mean enough for me. If I had a grand lying about I'd open a separate FI account, pump it into Pogba and come back to it in a year!

  • @johnboywalker 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @Lukeroro said in Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun, Mon, Tue.:

    @NewUser115892 I'd open a separate FI account, pump it into Pogba and come back to it in a year!

    Thats what Ronaldo said about that bird and look what trouble thats got him into

  • @NewUser115892 how many futures do you hold ?? It's come to mind a few times about how difficult it could be to sell to market unless its some kind of big rise in price in which case you'd struggle to want to sell ... myself i hold 500 but those are not even close to the price you paid.

  • There was a good listen on the radio about how Pogba’s social media is like gold dust to Man U money men as it constantly keeps the Man U brand in the public eye and earning United more money.

    The game has changed so much, ‘no player bigger than the club’ statement is almost useless these days.

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