Making Football Index Greater

  • My two cents on how to improve Football index furthermore;

    The Beta site interface needs to be fixed otherwise keep the old site for now. Visually worse than the original and less intuitive.
    Site needs more search facilities like Age, clubs, leagues, nationality searches.

    GK PB Dividends as to encourage more value and spending on these guardians

    Slight change in scoringĀ  system. Goalkeeper if they score should be 100 points, and if a outfield player saves a penalty should be scoring too. Basically all actions should score and points relative to position.

    Media more dividend payout on matchdays with top 3 still

    MB to be based on more media from different countries to encourage buying in more range of players

    Top 300 players for MB as the range of players is huge

    Buy shares with a penny upwards so having % of a share ala bitcoin to make it more accessible for new players

    Top 5 leagues and Top European competitions have PB-But to encourage more spending in rest of world have a smaller PB dividend payout such from Dutch/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Argentina/ Brazil/ Colombia/ USA leagues

    Love the idea of Football and Index and please keep expanding into more territories. You have made it fun and exciting!

  • Like it. My ideas to consider are:-

    1. For PB lets have Top 2 Forwards/Midfield/Defence instead of just the Top 1. So for a Single Day Top Forward is 4P and 2nd Forward is 1P
    2. Lets have 1P for man of the match

    The above will benefit both investors (diversify their portfolio) and FootballIndex (increase in transactions). In addition this will make performance buzz as important as media buzz as currently it is skewed in favour of media buzz

  • More points if a player scores a goal

  • @NewUser112333 Good shout. More revenue=More commission=More Investment=Good Times.

  • It would useful if there was some indicator of how log on average the waiting time is on a player you have put on the queue
    Or better still, where you are in the queue.

  • @Advinculas-Index That may put off people selling a popular player like in real life when people queue. So instant sell instead which causes quicker drops in value

  • This post is deleted!

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