Sergio Aguero

  • Hi All,

    I haven't done huge amounts on here yet but looking at a few potential dividend winners for myself and curious as to why Aguero is sitting at under £6.00 and interested to get peoples thoughts on him?

    Obviously he is rarely in the media so never going to get media buzz and recently signing a new contract extension didn't get him any news coverage but other than about 3 or 4 players know one seems to get MB. Solely from a PB point of view and sorry if im missing something but surely he is up there in the stats with goals per minutes across the top leagues and European competitions and hes 1 of only 4 or 5 players that has the ability to score 3 or 4 goals in a game more than once in a season.

    Hes recently turned 30 but players are playing for longer and he is in the top 10 all time EPL goal scorers and climbing the list. Does the way the scoring system work not suit him very well or does he actually get a fair few PB Dividends. Like i said i'm new and maybe trying to play to much fantasy football with my futures.

    Any advice would be welcome?? (FYI i do own 30 of him so basically trying to figure out if he is worth keeping hold of)

  • @NewUser95884

    I think you have pretty much answered the question yourself, and you accept he won't win MB.

    The PB dilemma centres around the FI scoring matrix and the fact that City have so many different players that can win them the game. Aguero doesn't have that much of a role in the build up phase, so doesn't score well for passes.

    Unless he scores the game winning goal, he is unlikely to win the PB. He is consistently good, but that doesn't win PB. Being occasionally great is what wins the PB.

    I don't hold any Aguero, but I'd still expect you to pick up the odd PB throughout the season with him.

  • He’s one of those players that will probably win with a hattrick but may not with a brace.

  • He should be 9 quid if you ask me.

  • @Porkisgood said in Sergio Aguero:

    He should be 9 quid if you ask me.

    Probably not for the reasons outlined above.

    Sterling and Sane are better bets for PB and longer term growth

  • @NewUser95884

    I've held him for a couple of months & had 20p in dividends but am happy he hold's the potential for a PB win or two more this season & the added bonus of CL, with City possibly going deep or even winning it? He even has possibly another big final transfer speculation in him, perhaps to a Spanish giant or a makeweight for Mbappe? Good solid, long term hold IMO.

  • Returned 81p in the last 12 months. For a 30+ aged player you would probably be expecting 15 percent due to higher risk so he looks a bit overpriced . Probably due to recent form pushing his price up.

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