Emiliano Rigoni

  • Hey guys, with Ronaldo joining the Serie A and its players creeping up the Index i decided to do some Serie A research!
    I came across Emiliano Rigoni, the Atalanta winger has 3 goals in his first 6 Serie A games (a goal every 115 minutes) (better goal rate than Suso) and is only £0.78?

    Surely thats a bargain??

    If he carries on with this form i don't see him at Atalanta for much longer.

    What do you think lads?

  • @Lukeroro @Ringers - What are your thoughts lads? Seems massively undervalued??

  • @Itsjadams seems smashing. If he keeps up this scoring form then a move to a top league (being on loan from Zenit probably contributes to the low price) and he will balloon.

    Pissing me off slightly as it keeps Musa Barrow out of the team who I'm thinking about cutting my losses on.

  • @Itsjadams A lot of Atalanta players took a big dip when they somewhat unexpectedly didn't make the EL group stage, and they've had a pretty bad start to the season in general. He might also be suffering from the fact that he's listed on FI at his parent club Zenit. Most importantly, despite having scored 3 goals he's only had one big PB score this season (165 when he scored twice), with the next highest being 65. He's also listed as a midfielder, which is more competitive that the forward PB category. Having said all that, while I wouldn't call him massively undervalued, I agree he has potential to rise in price and provide returns. For me he's one to keep an eye on but I won't be jumping right in personally.

  • @Itsjadams
    It’s a good shout, I really want Pasalic to be the Atalanta performer as I hold a chunk! He’s risen a bit after the big EL exit drop on some mediocre appearances, Maybe this boy could pick up to

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